Electrify Your Audience…

How to Electrify Your Audience When Speaking Publicly (video: 4 minutes, 7 seconds)

Throughout the history of human civilization, people have been expressing their confidence and strength, not only by force, but also by the noble art of public speaking. The orators of ancient Greece were highly respected and valued in the community. Likewise, today’s world leaders are admired and esteemed when they have the power to address the public with poise and conviction. Such a high regard for public speaking makes the average person cringe at the idea of talking in front of an audience no matter how big or small the size. Whether giving a toast at a wedding or delivering a speech to a large assembly, most people make a big deal about public speaking and try to avoid it as much as possible. But public speaking should not cause such a big fuss. Challenging as it may be, public speaking can be done with a few simple guidelines.

This video shows you:

  • The three (3 ) step process for engaging audiences
  • How to maximize your personality on and off stage
  • How to tap into the emotional and mental core of your audience

An excellent video for novices and veteran speakers who want to speak like paid professionals.