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How Charismatic Leadership Changes Lives

I read somewhere that you don’t get out of life what you deserve, you get out of life what you command!  I learned this lesson the hard way.  I remember one day in the 5th grade, being chased home by Cindy Smith (named changed to protect the guilty) for no reason at all.  Cindy decided that my being shy and self-conscious was enough for me to be victimized.  Fortunately, I was one of the fastest runners in the neighborhood and outran Cindy and all the spectators.  A good “beat down” always drew a crowd.  I ran away from people a lot growing up.  Being a coward taught me to admire people with power. I idolized men with charisma.  I saw firsthand how charismatic leaders maneuvered in getting what they wanted. They had a certain walk, talk, and carried respect.  They had highly evolved critical thinking and problem solving skills and no challenge seemed to overpower them.  These charismatic leaders were persuasive in getting people to do what they really didn’t want to do. It’s the only leadership model where sheer personality and advanced communication skills get you ahead.  This leadership model had nothing to do with being born into the right family or belonging to the right group.  I wanted to possess the power of persuasion and influence of charismatic leaders with every fiber of my being.  If you don’t have power and respect, you don’t have anything!  I’m sure you’ve felt some pain of not being in control. What did you do about it?

If you haven’t done anything about it, now is the time

I suffered these childhood pains well into my adulthood.  As I grew older, my aunt Ann told me my battles would become more psychological and less physical. I found this to be true. I no longer ran from people out of fear, but I still didn’t have power.  How do you influence people when you don’t occupy a position of power?  How do you get people to go the extra mile?  How do you grow a business or lead a department when employees act as “Free Agents?”  I still was not willing to take chances in my personal and professional life and wasn’t totally comfortable in my “skin.” I needed a reinvention and fast.  I felt I needed three (3) things to become more powerful: Charisma, Influence, and Persuasiveness.

If I could learn the rules of power and persuasion, I could have more fulfilling personal relationships and improved professional collaborations.  I could ask for what I wanted and know that I deserved and commanded it.  After years of studying charismatic leaders, I finally learned how they got what they wanted.  Charismatic and colorful personalities get what they want by being bolder, more imaginative, and more relentless than everyone else.  And each of these traits can be learned.

No one's bullyproof

Core Edge Charismatic Leadership is Your Passport to Power and Success

Core Edge Charismatic Leadership was designed from the research and experience of charismatic leaders.  By navigating this site and embracing its tenets, you can begin getting the social and financial power I lacked for years. I stopped concentrating on “nice to have” and started focusing on “need to have.” I dedicated my life to getting the power I once craved.  Now, you can benefit from the sacrifice I made by implementing this brand of leadership into your life.

Edward Brown, M.S., Founder


What Are Others Saying About Core Edge Charismatic Leadership?

 I thought I was the only man who felt your level of fear. I married my college sweetheart and went to law school because they were safe bets. I’m more of a creative person and later became an entertainment attorney. I read some of Ed’s early blogs (12 years ago) and started getting into this charisma thing. Merit is fine, but the power to persuade and impact is greater.

Frank M., Esq.

New York, NY


At first, I was put off by the seemingly exclusive masculinity of charismatic leadership. It felt like it was a “For Men Only” club. After reading the information and adopting some of the tools, I found myself empowered. I would negotiate and ask for raises on my job. I would engage friends and clients with a strategic mindset of “setting the stage.” I read Dr. Tony Alessandra’s book on charisma in the late 1990’s. Ed picked up from there and I’ve been following him ever since.

Melissa B.

Atlanta, GA

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